Selected Internet Resources on Japanese News, Language and Culture
                                                                                                                                   Spring 2008

Language   Television/Radio   Culture


Acoustic Analysis of Japanese Spoken Language
Charles Kelly's Web-Based Japanese Language Study Materials
CosCom Language Service: Cyber Class
Java Kanji Flashcards
Japanese Kanji Map
Japanese Language Learning Tools on Web
Japanese-Online Lesson Index
Kanji: Days of the Week *
Kanji:  Japanese Characters
Kanji Basic : Numbers (YouTube) ***
Kanji Basic : Places (YouTube) ***
Kanji Daisuki (YouTube)***
Kanji Number (quiz)
Kanji Site
Kanji Step Japanese Learning Resource Center
Kanji Worksheet
Learn Japanese
MIT Japanese III Kanji Study Material ***
NihongoWeb ***
Online Kanji Dictionary : The Yamasa Institute
Picture Cards of Japanese Verbs
Quia Japanese Directory


ComFM: Live Radio: Japan (list)
Fuji Television ***
Internet Online News ***
Kyodo News Web *
Mainichi Broadcasting System
NNN News on Demand
Radio Japan Online **
STV News on the Web
Tokyo Broadcasting System
Tokyo Metropolitan Television  **
Yomiuri News LIVE
Haiku for People
J-Guide: Stanford Guide to Japanese Information Resources
Japan Link
Japanese Dancing (NIPPON-BUYO) **
Japanese National Tourist Organization
Kinema Club
Ministry of Finance (Japan)
Museum Information Japan*
National Diet Library : NDL Gallery
Web Resources for Japanese Food

  **   audio    *** audio/video


Liaison: Sue Ottignon




*** audio & video  

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