Selected Internet Resources on Japanese News, Language and Culture
Spring 2012

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Ashahi Newspapers (English)
Daily Yomiuri (English)
The Japan Times (English)
Mainichi Newspapers (English)
MIT Japanese Language News and Magazines
The Sekai Nippo


Basic Japanese Sentences 
CALL 4 ALLís Language Learning Links
CosCom Language Service: Learn Japanese on the Web **
Foreign Languages for Travelers  **
GenkiEnglish: Cool Phrases in Japanese **
GenkiEnglish: Katakana Game **
GenkiEnglish: Talking Katakana Hiragana Chart **
Japanese Language : Penn State University
Japanese Language Learning Tools on Web
Japanese Writing Tutor
Java Kanji Flashcards 500
Jim Breen's Japanese-English Online Dictionary
Kanji Game
Kanji List: Rice University **
Kanji Numbers (YouTube) ***
Kanji Practice
JLPT Kanji Project
Katakana Timer
Language Guide: Japanese Vocabulary Guide **
Language Guide: Katakana **
Learn Japanese by Singing ***
Linda's Kana Flash Screens
MIT Japanese 1 Kanji Study Material ***
Nihongo Japanese Jeopardy
On-line Learning and Teaching with The Japanese Writing System
Real Kanji
Quizlet: Japanese *
Writing Names in Japanese

Television & Radio

1179 AM Web Radio**
CNN ***
Japanese Drama ***
Japanese Movie ***
NNN News on Demand ***
Radio Japan Online **
Radio Locator - Japan**
Tokyo Broadcasting System   ***
Yomiuri News LIVE ***


AJALT Almanac
House of Councillors
Japan Echo (Interactive Journal)
Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period
Museum Information Japan
Origami as Gifts (Amorita Charter School)

Search Engines

Japanese Language
Yahoo! Japan

  **   audio    *** audio & video  


Liaison: Sue Ottignon
1/2012 b